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Wild Nature

As we grow larger as a company, our environmental footprint also continues to expand. In keeping with our goal to impact lives across the globe, we are committed to doing what’s right in terms of impacting the planet. That means striving to increase our sustainability efforts and constantly seeking new ways to do even more. At Isagenix, we are committed to working as One Team to take action today so we can have a healthy planet for our future.


Our world-leading manufacturing facility uses cutting-edge technology to package Collagen Elixir. Glass bottles are filled and sealed in 0.15 seconds to minimize oxidation and ensure product quality. Why glass? Premium glass bottles prevent air exchange, helping to protect the ingredients from gradual oxidation and eliminating the need for artificial preservatives. Collagen Elixir is packaged in single-serve glass bottles that are not only easy and convenient to use but also 100% recyclable.

Following practices of the Norwegian fishing industry

By using collagen with Marine Stewardship Council certification, we help ensure marine resources are protected and work to eliminate overfishing

Manufactured in a carbon neutral facility

With a partner that has a vision to eliminate plastic in our world’s waterways and aid in the conservation of ocean wildlife

It’s all about keeping nature beautiful, just like you

Made with marine peptides from responsibly caught cod and pollock sourced from the Scandinavian seas

100% recyclable

These little impermeable glass bottles are not just pretty to look at. They keep the elixir fresh with no artificial preservatives — that’s less unnecessary waste for you and the Earth

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Our Sustainable Process

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