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What Makes Our

Collagen Elixir Different?

  • Supplements our body with the basic building blocks of what our body needs to make its own collagen 

  • Contains (5g) of marine collagen harvested onsite in a sustainable fishery on the Norwegian coast

  • Double Nutri Technology:Bioavailable emulsification followed by encapsulation (smaller than blood cells)

  • Packaged in individual dosages in 0.15 seconds to prevent oxidation​

  • Glass packaging seals in freshness and prevents any gas exchange​

  • Maintains premium quality without preservatives​

  • Contains other fruits and botanicals rich in antioxidants to preserve the collagen we already have​

  • Vitamin C included, making the collagen 133% more bioavailable and extended out over 8 hours​

  • No fishy taste! Delicious fresh botanical berry flavour

  • Natural: NO artificial flavors, colors or sweeters, Non GMO, SOY free, GLUTEN free

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